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Re: how remove tags like "^a " ?

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le: 05. 05. 2003 [10:03]
Roger Peña Escob
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Mensaje citado por israel cefrin <>:

> Hello !!
> I am having a problem to remove subfield tags like "^a".
> On the php code i put
> $value = ereg_replace( "^a", "", $value );
> echo $value ;
> But it is not working, the "^" signal always remains, is this a problem
> with PHP ,openisis, my CDS/ISIS db ?

why do you want to remove ^a ?

braulio give us a hint when we want to get field that has subfields
those are multidimesional arrays

so something like (i'm getting from memory so it could be wrong)
foreach( $result as $key => $value)
if (is_array($value))
foreach($value as $subfield => $subfield_value)
echo "subcampo: " . chr($subfield) . " valor: " . $subfield_value;

if you want, i can send you the code that works for me icon_smile.gif, but it have to be tomorrow
because i have it at home.

off course you can look into php documentation, $subfield are in asci code that is way the
php function chr() have to be called.

good luck


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