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Re: clabel-0.2.1 is out :-)

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le: 12. 08. 2003 [11:28]
Braulio Solano Rojas
Inscrit depuis: 16.05.2008
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I order to help Róger, I have done a release. You can download it from
sourceforge at
That way people will be able to test clabel without having to use Unix or
the CVS. I hope that the releases for win32 will work. It is working in my
computer, I am using the PHP module of Apache 2 for Windows.

For Unix you just have to run the script compile like this:
% ./compile

In this script perhaps you will have to change the line:




In some Linux distributions you need to install a package like php-devel in
order to have phpize.

As you now this release just includes a new function asked by Róger that you
can use like this:

function mfnrange($db, $from, $count)
$dbid = isis_open($db);

$i = 0;
while (($record = isis_fetch_flat_array_from_mfn($i+$from, $dbid)) && ($i
< $count))
echo "<pre>";
echo "<pre><br />";

$db = "/var/db/isis/cds/cds";
$from = 100;
$count = 10;

mfnrange($db, $from, $count);


I hope you will enjoy.

Best regards,


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From: "Roger Peña Escobio" <>
To: "Php-openisis" <>
Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 1:15 PM
Subject: clabel-0.2.1 is out icon_smile.gif

> hi
> clabel-0.2.1 is out, it is a fix release, but also this time you will see
an split into
> two diferents packages, clabel-0.2.1 itseft which is powered by openisis
> clabel-wxis-1.7.0 which is the last version of my first code and is
powered by wxis
> (wwwisis) (clabel-wxis used to be in the docs directory of clabel-0.2.0)
> needless to say that clabel is more flexible and have biggest potencial
than the old one
> (clabel-wxis) and also it is the only one that will have new features.
> i will start working in a new search interfase for the OPAC, so, the user
will be able to
> use the index of the database to construct the query.
> to use clabel with you db you only need to edit the pft's files in
> and of course, change the name and path of the isis db in
> again, clabel-0.2.1 is based in the CVS version of php-openisis
> you can download it from
> please test clabel-0.2.1 and lets me know any bug, comment or sujestion
(comentarios icon_smile.gif )
> have a nice weekend
> roger
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