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[php-gni] init script for malete

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le: 06. 10. 2005 [13:28]
javier wilson
Inscrit depuis: 31.12.1969
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hello, i am new to this list. i am using malete server in fedora core
4 and RHEL 4,
here is a version of my first attempt for an init script:

you can see i commented the following line:

daemon /usr/local/bin/malete $MALETE_OPTIONS --user $MALETE_USER

i did so because initlog would hang forever, the server would run but it wo=
stay foreground, therefore staying in "Starting Malete Server: "

when i first run "make -C mlt server" it also stayed in the foreground, i h=
to ctrl-c, and the run:

/usr/local/bin/malete -S localhost:2042 &

in order to use/test the server.

anyone knows if i am doing something wrong when compiling or running the se=


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