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Fwd: World Meeting CDS/ISIS-W2 - Scholarships

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le: 28. 01. 2005 [13:32]
Roger Peña Escob
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i know that some of you already read this message icon_smile.gif
but in case you don't icon_smile.gif maybe this is an important chance to get funds =
to go to Bahia
and talk about openisis, malete and php-openisis

what do you think braulio, klaus and the rest of openisis developers ?


----- Mensaje reenviado de Anil Srivastava <anil@ACROSSWORLD.COM> -----
Fecha: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 07:40:40 -0800
De: Anil Srivastava <anil@ACROSSWORLD.COM>
Responder-A: "Electronic user-group for Unesco's CDS/ISIS text retrieval
Asunto: World Meeting CDS/ISIS-W2 - Scholarships

AcrossWorld would like to help find funds to support 'exceptional'
CDS/ISIS users from across the world to participate in the September
conference. Our goal would be to find travel grant and support for
30-50 stellar users of CDS/ISIS to participate in the September
conference and present their work.

We work with a number of foundations in North America who could be
interested but are largely ignorant of the rich knowledge in CDS/ISIS
databases and expertise of the members of the community. This will have
to be on a case-by-case basis. For example foundations interested in
women's issues could be persuaded to give a travel grant to selected
members of CDS/ISIS communities working on women's issue or could serve
as a resource for training for their projects; or foundations
supporting effort to create open content or open software for education
as in case of Sofia project (see or the Sakai
project (see You may also want to look at
the open resources for education community that is growing, mostly in
the United States, but has a deep interest in international
cooperation. See for some of the
presentations from their last meeting. If they learn about good work of
the CDS/ISIS community and find it relevant to their efforts, they
could be your best champions.

For this I need the help and guidance of the worldwide CDS/ISIS
community. Our thoughts are:

1. Organize a series of 2 to 3 global dialogs on CDS/ISIS using the
videoconference facility of GDLN (Global Development Learning Network)
for details of the network see between March and July. To
these CDS/ISIS global dialogs we will bring organizations who would be
interested in supporting CDS/ISIS users and would like to learn first
hand about their work. To give you an example of similar effort please
see our somewhat similar efforts in case of Open Course Conversations
( and Open
Content Collaboration (

2. Further post description of 'exceptional' CDS/ISIS users on our
website and actively solicit direct support to them from the community
of institutions that we work with who could be interested in supporting
the work CDS/ISIS users are doing but are ignorant of both CDS/ISIS and
its users worldwide. I strongly believe that the knowledge contained in
CDS/ISIS databases is of interest to a large number of funders
specially they learn of the grassroot capability of CDS/ISIS users to
capture and describe that knowledge in databases which can be

In both cases, we could agree two or three people from the CDS/ISIS
community who could be on the panel of 5 people to select the CDS/ISIS
users to present their work. The other two could be eminent librarians
and thought leaders here who may not know CDS/ISIS as well.

We would like to know what CDS/ISIS community thinks of the idea and
would welcome comments/criticism.

Anil Srivastava
AcrossWorld Communications, Inc.
1601 Civic Center Drive, #102
Santa Clara, California 95050

anil @ acrossworld[dot]com
+1 408 306 1119 mobile
+1 408 716 2487 efax

On Jan 28, 2005, at 6:09 AM, Lago, Joash wrote:

> Dear Dr. Spinak,
> This is encouraging, the theme of the meeting being quite exciting. If
> official brochure is distributed to each would-be participant, it
> could be
> used to solicit such grants. But still, many interested persons will
> miss
> due to lack of funds.
> Best regards,
> Joash
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Electronic user-group for Unesco's CDS/ISIS text retrieval
> program.
> [mailto:CDS-ISIS@NIC.SURFNET.NL] On Behalf Of Ernesto Spinak
> Sent: Friday, January 28, 2005 2:09 PM
> Subject: World Meeting CDS/ISIS-W2 - Scholarships
> Dear everybody
> I received questions of a lot of participants concerning scholarships,
> grants, etc. Let me say what I know in this moment (Friday, 28 of
> January)
> a) The meeting is open to everybody
> this is not a "closed" meeting
> this is not a meeting for distributors or programmers.
> This is open, anybody can go and will be wellcome
> b) Unesco is not paying tickets or housing, feeding, to anybody.
> You should negotiate this with your National Commissions or
> other funding agencies.
> c) Unesco has some money (very scarce indeed) to pay some grants
> for the first author of papers, rapporteurs, instructors, etc
> This means, Unesco can pay some grants to about 80 or 90 persons
> and we are waiting more than 500 participants.
> If you know agencies, like NGOs, any kind of sponsor, etc, that want
> to give
> grants, please use it.
> Regards
> Ernesto
> .^. .^.
> ( ) ( )
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le: 29. 01. 2005 [04:42]
Klaus Ripke
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On Friday 28 January 2005 19:32, you wrote:
> what do you think braulio, klaus and the rest of openisis developers ?
I'm going to ask my national UNESCO commission for some funding ...

cya in Salvador!

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le: 29. 01. 2005 [12:39]
Braulio Solano Rojas
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>> what do you think braulio, klaus and the rest of openisis developers ?
> I'm going to ask my national UNESCO commission for some funding ...
I am already asking for funding to CONICIT here and maybe to the Ministry of
Science and Technology.


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