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Written on: 20. 04. 2003 [09:23]
Arva Clarke
registered since: 31.12.1969
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Hi Guys
I gave recently gave a demo of my php-openisis project to a Liberian at
another institution.
(I hope to put this demo on the Web with in the next couple of weeks. )
Anyway, she liked what she saw but was wondering how come we did not use
WWWIsis or Java Isis.
Before I found out about openisis and php-openisis experience tried using
the UNESCO stuff.
After talking with to a librarian we wrote to some guy at UNESCO who after
some weeks he gave us a link to download Isis for Linux. When I untarred it
I was a bit confused as it did no look like source code or a binary . As I
had a number of other things on my plate at the time I did really not
explore this stuff.
Moreover, some documentation I had suggested that WWWIsis was a commercial
product. Is this true?

In any case some months after I discovered openisis and php-openisis which
were open-source and were built like a typical
Unix application as I am a developer on the with little experience in isis
I felt much more comfortable with the openisis than the UNESCO stuff.
Still I need is to hear from people who got WWWISIS or JavaIsis to work on
Linux or BSD
How did they compare with openisis and what are the short comings of these
Has anyone written papers about this?
I know there is some material about this on the openisis website but it
seems a bit "diplomatic" and there are no
Thanks to anyone who can assist

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