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the order of terms in boolean AND matters

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Written on: 10. 02. 2005 [05:47]
Shilpa Deodhar
registered since: 31.12.1969
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I solved the problem of queries, and i got the correct
format of the queries for searching in particular

Now another problem has aroused that I want a random
search page where the user can search for any term in
any field and the term can have all combination of
boolean opetators AND, OR and NOT.

The problems I found are

1. For particular single search term (eg. mangrove$ )
the query shows less number of records. ie my database
has 1400 records while for mangrove$, it retrieves
only till mfn 257, while there are more that that
number of records having mangrove$.

2. If my search term has boolean AND (eg. goa$ and
india$) my query is
"goa$" * "india$"
suppose the results retrieved are 14
while if I give search term as india$ and goa$ then my
query is
"india$" * "goa$" the records retrieved are 38.

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