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RE: will php-openisis be developed in the future?

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Written on: 19. 04. 2004 [13:25]
Nicolas Rucks
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Klaus, if you want, we can put our books ISIS (unix) database somewhere for
you to dowload. I think you can call it "medium-sized": some 35.000 records
in 15 Mb for the .mst file.
Write me off-list.

Nicolas Rucks
Referencia, Biblioteca Central, FCEN, UBA.
----- Mensaje original -----
De: Klaus Ripke <>
Para: Roger Peña Escobio <>; Php-openisis
Enviado: Lunes, 19 de Abril de 2004 07:17
Asunto: Re: will php-openisis be developed in the future?

hola a todos

On Monday 19 April 2004 03:26, Roger Peña Escobio wrote:
> 1- will ever have a write support?
why not? Only problem is, this would require
full exclusive locking of a DB during the request.

> 2- will ever have any more developed?

> 3- will be move to some php class like the one you can find in the pear
> tree?
Note that the openisis/php/Isis classes support with next
to no change both the old OpenIsis 0.9.1 server
and the new Malete based server.
Especially write support could also be based on the 0.9.1
(see the openisis/perl/, which does that).

> may be you ask "why a write suport if malete will give you that more easy
> and in a better way" well, in order to use malete i have to migrate my
> CDS/ISIS db to the new openisis format, that is something that made me
> unconfortable.
> i know that the CDS/ISIS file format have serius limitation and if you
> to surpass those limitation you need to modify the "standard" but will the
> ISIS comunitie adopt this new standard?
> can you klaus give us some of your thougth about it?
Actually there is no need to "adopt this new standard" in the sense
of dumping the existing formats and tools.

Rather the opposite is true:
The 0.9.0/1 knows how to write a .MST and .XRF in "DOS" format,
but neither writes those in "UNIX" format nor writes the traditional
index files. The reason is that those formats are not well suited
for locking on parallel writes (it is well known that WinIsis fails
to do this correctly, so sometimes, if rarely, data corruption occurs).

The new software, on the other hand, is able to do full exports,
masterfile and index, to both the "DOS" and "UNIX" (a.k.a. "Bireme")
format. The latter requires a compile switch and may still have bugs
(somebody can point me to a download of a medium sized
UNIX format database for testing?), however, basically is implemented.

So, to again make that point clear:
From a CDS/ISIS point of view, the new Malete database format
can be regarded as just a temporary internal format used while
processing, like e.g. WinIsis uses a couple of files in the work
dir during full index update - nobody should bother.

It is just a matter of convenience to obscure this fact from users,
like automagically calling an import, if there's a new CDS database,
and doing e.g. a daily export together with backups from an
authoring system.

We learned from Adalberto in Havana that Bireme is not
going to bother with any CDS/ISIS standards,
since they are internally using much different formats.
Likewise Davide left no doubt, if not in Havana then in Eschborn,
that they will completely revise the file format:
I am in contact with Davide, and maybe they will adopt
parts of our work. However, which file format they will
finally choose, we are going to support it just like we
are supporting any other format.

To summarize, our message is:
"CDS/ISIS is dead - long live CDS/ISIS".

Finally some notes on the future development:
The Malete/php/Isis classes are going to stay as they are,
i.e. probably extended, but without incompatible changes.
They provide a rather ISIS-like view on a record as a flat list.
We are right now developing a DOM-like approach
called MOM (you guessed it: it's the Malete Object Model)
to support deeply structured records (basically anything
XML can do) in a uniform approach based on the good old
v24^a style. This will be just an alternative interface to the
very same database and server. The initial implementation
will be in Tcl, however, just like DOM, the approach is
general enough to also be supported in PHP.


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Written on: 20. 04. 2004 [11:43]
Braulio Solano Rojas
registered since: 16.05.2008
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> icon_frown.gif
> sorry about it braulio icon_frown.gif, i'm trying to imaging how sad and unhappy you
can be ..
Thank you very much for your concern, but I try not to be sad.

> i remeber that Klaus sometime, at the begining of Clabel proyect, say that maybe someone
> will be willing to support some kind of develope
> i didn't ask more because is very dificult to implement something like this for us but
> maybe for you is more ease
"Nadie es profeta en su propia tierra". It is not that easy. Costa Rica is
a country with a lot of very intelligent and educated people, in arts,
sciences, but with a lot of problems getting recognition. I did once an
effort with the CONICIT (consejo nacional para investigaciones cientí­ficas y
tecnológicas). Maybe in Cuba you have a CONACyT or a CONICIT. I believe
there is one in a lot of latin-american countries. If you can interest the
cuban organization enough to ask the costarican organization to finance a
project on that matter, maybe we will get a budget. I am sure that if they
see an international interest they will get interested. They will not get
interested only because a young guy goes there and tells them all his ideas
and how to implement them. There are some people interested there, but not
the administration.

> what do you think, we need some good programers skill in clabel , and clabel need very
> much the php-openisis write support...
Of course, try knocking some doors on the cuban CONACyT to make them contact
the CONICIT Costa Rica, and give them my email. Maybe this will work
something out. I know the CONICIT has the money. They just need the will.

>> Just to add my 2 cents here, I believe that there are no CDS/ISIS standards.
>> Maybe "de facto" standards. The question is about formats. About formats
>> Roger I recommend you to read
>> And if you have time
>> read all the book (I am doing it). Maybe after reading that chapter you
>> will like to dump some formats...
> thanks for the link
> i'm looking into it right now
I believe everybody should read that book. It is even in Amazon...

> thanks you very much for your work, think that without your php-openisis work a lot of
> peoples would never did good stuf, you give them the oportunity to be happy, to feel
> usefull and we want you to be happy because of that.
You are welcome!

Have a nice week...


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