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Re: openisis

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Written on: 05. 05. 2003 [08:37]
Roger Peña Escob
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Mensaje citado por Braulio José Solano Rojas <>:

> Hi!
> The api is like this:
> Functions:
> boolean isis_close(resource $dbid)
> Return true or false on attempt to close an isis db

is it necesary ? what hapen if i don't close it?

> resource isis_search(string $term, resource $dbid)
> Return search for a term over an isis database
> resource isis_query(string $querystring, resource $dbid)
> Return a set of records or empty on running a query like "water * plant"
> over isis

why do yo use two (2) function for do what looks so very similary? what is ther purpose of
isis_search if a $term can be a $querystring ? is it more fast?

> array isis_terms(string $term, resource $dbid)
> Return terms matching term (e.g. plant$) over an isis database
this is realy fast icon_smile.gif, thank you

> int isis_num_rows(resource $isis_result)
> Return the number of rows of a result

i have a problem with this function, i hapen that i have a isisdb than can't be listed icon_frown.gif
i will try to explain, i create these DB using WXIS and it has almost 2000 records (rows)
but when i try to get it using php_openisis or openisis from the command line, i just get
around 990 rows.
i have another two DB, cds and LILACS, but i can listed, both of them; so the problem is
with my BD, by the way is CLABEL, i'm trying to migrate it to openisis, i try win
php_openisis in windows and also with openisis, compiled from source, in Redhat Linux, i
got the same results, i can't list all the rows that CLABE has icon_frown.gif
but it is worst, i can't show all the records using php_openisis, just the first 3 or 4
but if i use openisis i can get all the 990 records, why? i don't kno icon_frown.gif

> boolean isis_data_seek(resource $isis_result, int $row_number)
> Move internal result pointer
any example?

> boolean isis_free_result(resource $isis_result)
> Return TRUE or FALSE
another example should be good icon_smile.gif

i hope that by the end of this month i will be in condition of release the user interfase
of the actual CLABEL (the one that use WXIS), i have to get familiar with the openisis

ther is one function that i'm missing from wxis, mfnrange, there is any way i can do the
same using openisis ?

thank you


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