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[php-gni] GNI for the $100 laptop

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Written on: 30. 01. 2006 [16:56]
Klaus Ripke
registered since: 31.12.1969
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hi friends

now we finally got somewhere:
according to the latest news it now looks as if
the $100 laptop is going to be reality.

IMHO this is very good news.
I suggest we should team up to provide that
box with a simple database software suitable
for bibliographic and other usage.

The thingy is going to be a linux box with not too
much hardware resources.
Good ole WinIsis is hardly going to run there.
Yet a 500MHz CPU and 128MB of DRAM is much more
than my notebook from 1999 has, which is still
sufficient for all my tasks.
The boxes will provide a lean version of Firefox
(which was meant to be lean in the first place
but is actually not that much leaner than mozilla).
So I'd suggest to follow the approach of Fernando Gomez
to deploy heavy Javascripting, so as to work with
Firefox, which is available on all platforms,
and other browsers where possible.

Besides a capable up-to-date browser there
will not be much room for other fat software.
Javascript should talk directly to the database,
which means the database has to speak HTTP.
This is Selene, beefed up with Lua scripting capability.

I understand this is the PHP list,
and of course it's still possible to use
PHP scripting as an intermediate between
client and database.
Although PHP is awfully slow for big time websites,
it works perfectly well for any personal or low-profile
use, probably even on such a small box.
But maybe you take a look at Lua as an alternative.

humm, so, what do you think?
Especially you Argentinos, you have thight links
to your ministry of education, don't you?
You know of any plans to buy a million of these books?

I am not looking for a single buck, actually it's really
not much I still have to do, we made much progress and
we definitely have some paid-for work during this year
which will include a lot of Selene.
And as you know our links to local UNESCO here are very weak.

But maybe in LAC you can start some UN/UNESCO related projects
with regard to these new facilities?


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