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new version of clabel

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Written on: 28. 07. 2003 [13:37]
Roger Peña Escob
registered since: 31.12.1969
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hi peoples

today i upload to the new version of Clabel, this time the 0.2.0, i jump from 0.0.1
to 0.2.0 because 0.x.0 is a better release number for this stage than 0.0.x icon_smile.gif, also
because it is a mayor upgrade icon_wink.gif

now you will a get a full retrive OPAC module, you only need to modify the pft if you want
to use clabel for your opac, the format of the PFT files are very similar to the pft files
from wxis, i try to implement some php function in order to reproduce somo of the most
important isis language format functions, right now you can find:
M() for the diferentes presentation modes ( MPL, MDL, MHL, etc)
ref() but ref is not completed, and i should change it's name because is not exactly what
isis ref is, it just export the record fields so you can use v() and others functions
after call it.
more work and test is needed.

the kardex is working but only is you use our kardex's line of our fst for indexing the

please, test it, a make coments, sujestion, patches, and whatever you want.

also in this packages is the old proyect clabel-wxis, this is a more complete work, with a
interfase the librarian to fill the OPAC.
you can use it, it is GPL too icon_smile.gif

you can use clabel-wxis to fill the OPAC from localhost and use clabel to retrive from
everywhere, maybe a lettle complex but it works icon_smile.gif, at least you don't have to pay US$150 icon_smile.gif

please, test it and reports bugs icon_smile.gif

good luck
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