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Function isis_fetch_flat_array_from_mfn

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Written on: 29. 07. 2003 [01:44]
Zanate Tico
registered since: 31.12.1969
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I have added to the CVS isis_fetch_flat_array_from_mfn.

Parameters are a MFN number and a database id (in that order).

We have to thank Roger his commitment to his clabel project. I have to
apologize because I think he was partially right, but I did not understood
his needs from the beginning. However english between us is like the game
we call in Costa Rica"telephono chocho" (broken telephone - to pass a
message between a lot of persons).

I hope that now this will fit the needs of Roger and other people.

Now the function mfnrange would be:

function mfnrange($db, $from, $count)
$dbid = isis_open($db);

$i = 0;
while (($record = isis_fetch_array_from_mfn($i+$from)) && ($i < $count))
echo "<pre>" . var_dump($record) . "<pre><br />";

The function isis_fetch_array_from_mfn is just in the CVS, not in the
packages at sourceforge.

Sweet dreams,


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