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Solsoft has chosen to propose a range of Open Source (FOSS).

What is an Open Source product (FOSS)?

Open source software products are characteristic of being "open". This means that the source code is available, can be modified and redistributed freely. This type of software only generates low total cost of ownership (as opposed to traditional software).

Moreover, the acquisition of version updates does not mean purchasing licenses (as opposed to what happens with traditional software vendors), the only costs incurred will be costs related to services and training provided by our experts.

Why such a decision?

Mainly for two reasons:

  • Because our desire is to offer innovative and effective solutions that meet your budget constraints.
  • Because we believe that technology can not be state-of-the-art if it is not freely shared by its users, which creates a favorable emulation to discovery and progress.

Engaging with Solsoft to use open source products is to decide to use advanced technologies in all freedom!

Our Open Source products

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