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Windows versions of PHP-OpenIsis & some Free Software philosophy

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Escrito en: 28. 08. 2004 [13:52]
Braulio José Solano Rojas
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registrado desde: 31.12.1969
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Someone has asked me about isis-1.0.3p3 for Windows. Has you can see in it is not easy to produce Windows versions.

Another issue is the release of PHP which is some kind of "release per bugs". To prepare Windows versions I have to download all the possible releases of PHP where isis-1.0.3p3 works.

There are no free tools (as gratis) to compile PHP in Windows. I had to buy a Visual C++ 6.0 just to do this. It costed me more than $200 (USD). I have not used this software for anything else.

This means that the costs involved for me are:

1. Telephone (modem bandwidth) for downloading each PHP release.
2. Development software I had to buy.
3. The most important: TIME ($$$).

I have a true commitment with Free Software. That is why I have made investment from my own pocket. Free is "libre" not "gratis".

What we get from Free Software is:

* Capacity to run the software for any purpose.
* Obtain and study the source and adapt it to local needs. (Which is very important in the Latin-American case, this could be ONE tool for local and human development).
* Redistribute the software. (Under the same terms of his license of course).
* Modify and improve the software.
* The capacity of debugging beyond "it is an inevitable bug".
* Use your illusion...

The extension was first financed by Fundación Galileo, then by me.

People has been asking for improvements, software, Windows binaries, etc. But when have them made a commitment? Do you really understand what community means?

I will not spend anymore consuming time or money doing Windows binaries until I see a true commitment:
Click on the paypal button here:

I am sorry if you do not like what I am saying, I have been growing up, getting more mature.

Best regards,

Braulio José Solano Rojas
Escrito en: 29. 08. 2004 [10:10]
Klaus Ripke
registrado desde: 31.12.1969
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Hi all

On Saturday 28 August 2004 19:52, braulio @[dot]cr wrote:
> Click on the paypal button here:

=2E. or maybe talk to your local UNESCO in order to have them
raise some dosh for Braulio and the rest of us ...


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