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Re: www/javaisis

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Escrito en: 20. 04. 2003 [10:55]
Arva Clarke
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Hi Klaus
Thanks for the information.
Another question can you confirm that Birme is a commercial entity?
My Portuguese is not good and they have lots UNESCO logos up on the site.
This has given some of my Librarian friends the impression that this company
is sanctioned by
I really think that you should post this information about the licensing
terms of WWWIsis and JavaIsis
up some where on the site.
It does not seem that this is a big issue for normal users and managers but
some of the Librarians keep raising the issue
Interestingly, I have yet to encounter any one in Trinidad with WWWISIS
doing anything useful!
I am thinking some of this has got to be FUD (maybe not deliberate)


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From: "Klaus Ripke" <>
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Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2003 10:00 AM
Subject: Re: www/javaisis


as far as Java ISIS is concerned, that's easy:
It is a Java GUI based on wwwisis 3, so just does
a pretty different job than wwwisis or OpenIsis
(however, since recently we do have a GUI based on Tk).

With regard to wwwisis, there are versions 3,
which is free, and 5 (dubbed wxis), which costs
some bucks (see
About version 3 I once have been less diplomatic;
you'll find the note on bugtraq.
Version 5 is "free" (of costs) for "local use".
Many think this includes a PHP page talking to local wxis,
bireme hasn't clearly ruled out such "local use".
wxis is much more complex; it deploys a XML-style
scripting system called IsisScript. It's a matter of taste ...

Both versions are available compiled for a variety of *NIXes
from bireme's download page, even weird systems like HP-UX.
Sources aren't available for any version until now,
but recently bireme agreed to release sources "to UNESCO",
and UNESCO will then publish them somehow, sometime ...
Neither version has an API; access to core functions
is provided by a lib called ISIS-DLL.
There is a linux version called isilux available at bireme.
Since it's written in C++, you have to get a matching
(fairly old) libstdc++ (especially with the proper iostreams).

The good old "ISIS for Unix" is CDS/ISIS for Unix,
very similar in functionality to CDS/ISIS for DOS
(i.e. a terminal application).
It's a COFF binary and runs on linux with iBCS.


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