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Re: Changing OPENISIS_SETLEN doesnt work, what is max_mfn()?

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Escrito en: 24. 01. 2005 [11:49]
Braulio Solano Rojas
registrado desde: 16.05.2008
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> As said in the link given by u, I changed the
> OPENISIS_SETLEN variable(in openisis.h file) to 10000.
> Did all the make and everything again, restarted
> httpd(which i will never forget to) and emptied the
> cache, and then when i refreshed my search program, I
> got no displayed records for my databases which r
> having more than 1000 records.

Please Shilpa, write to the list. Klaus knows a *lot* more than me about
OpenIsis since they made it. I just did a wrapper for PHP. As I told you,
you will have a lot more of feedback writing to the list.

> Well, the program shows
> the same results for the sample cds database(150 rows)
> and displays their contents as it was showing before,
> but for my database, it just opens the database and
> does nothing. I also tried changing OPENISIS_SETLEN to
> 2000 but the same outcome as it was for 10000, doesnt
> display contents.

Could you post your PHP code here?

> Also u did not tell me what to give as a search term
> in the isis_search function to display all records of
> a certain field(tag 710).

isis_search searches in all the indexed records. If you want to search only
in one tag you have to use isis_query.

> Also, there is no function called max_mfn(), please
> give proper name.

That function depends of the version you have installed, and the actual name
is isis_last_mfn.

int isis_last_mfn($dbid)

Hasta pronto,


> --- Braulio José Solano Rojas <>
> wrote:
>> Hello again.
>> >> Now the next problem is that searching for any
>> term in
>> >> the database, my browser is displaying only 1000
>> >> records, while there are more that 1000 records
>> in the
>> >> database. Please tell me what settings I should
>> change
>> >> is there something to change in the php.ini file?
>> >
>> > No. There is no way to change this in the php.ini
>> file. This is actually
>> > a feature of OpenIsis and I can't remember of to
>> change it. But I believe
>> > it is somewhere here:
>> in an old
>> > discussion.
>> In fact using the search feature of the archive I
>> found this:
>> Try to use this stuff, I've put this on the web for
>> your own good.
>> Saludos,
>> B.
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