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problems instaling php-openisis with omniHttpd

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Escrito en: 29. 04. 2003 [20:04]
Roger Peña Escob
registrado desde: 31.12.1969
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english is not my natural language so i can't explain myseft so good icon_frown.gif

well, i dont know if any of the members of the list use omniHttpd as a web server, for
personal use is ok and it have php preconfigured (4.2.2)
so, the problem is that php can't load the php_isis module, it complain abou load the
dynamic library

i dont know why, i dont know if it complain because php_isis can't load openisis.dll or
just because php can't load php_isis.dll itseft

i copy openisis.dll into all the directory i can imaging, it is:

and nothing work

i use windows (winME), i must use it, at least for the isis databases

should i donwload php from

another thing, i know is very dificult to provide documentacion for a freesoft, i know
that, but, some example code could be a great help, can someown give some php code from
where i can figureout how the php_isis function works?

thanks in advance

PD: braulio, how is the implementation of the openisis write function?

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