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PHP, write, old messages

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Escrito en: 30. 04. 2003 [07:22]
Klaus Ripke
registrado desde: 31.12.1969
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Hola a todos

for the further development of PHP/OpenIsis:
we're just in the process of finishing a reworked version
of the Interface for Tcl, which supports writing and connecting an
OpenIsis server.

The CVS version now contains a Tk standalone app capable of
writing + index update ("tisis") and a demo.cgi (a "Tcl server page")
using the exact same formatting.

Once things are stable for Tcl, they will be ported to the PHP version.
An updated version with a lot of new features should then be
available at some time in June.=20

We will set up an (of course Isis based) archive of this list soon.


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