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Escrito en: 25. 03. 2003 [20:12]
Braulio Solano Rojas
registrado desde: 16.05.2008
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Hi all!

Claudio Coppari from Italy has discovered a bug in the extension. I have
isolated the behavior.

I am not going to fix it right now. I'll explain why.

The bug is in the function isis_fetch_array. You will have a segmentation
fault if you have something like this:

MFN: x
Field j': ^aOne^bTwo^cThree
Field j'': ^aUno^bDos^cTres
Field j''': ^aUn^bDeux^Trois

where the field j'' does not begin with a '^', instead it begins with a ' '
(blank space).

Therefore the fast fix is to correct your fields and delete the white spaces
at the beginning.

If you don't have a blank space at the beginning of something like
^aUn^bDeux^Trois you will not have any trouble.

I am going to migrate the extension to the latest version of OpenIsis and
when I do that I will rethink the function isis_fetch_array to make it more
stable and without any bugs. Now that I have learned lots solving all the
previous bugs, I think I will have a better design of taht function.

Best regards,


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